Major & Minor Requirements

Undergraduate Program Requirements:

The Undergraduate major in Black Studies offers a broad range of interdisciplinary courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Black Studies or a minor in Black Studies. Students are encouraged to examine the dynamics and intersections of race, class, gender, politics, and economics. The Black Studies curriculum is composed of its own core courses as a well as a variety of elective courses in the humanities and social sciences.

2018-2019 Black Studies Major Requirements

2018-2019 Black Studies Minor Requirements


Declaring the Major

To declare Black Studies as your major:

1. Download, print, complete and sign the document at the link below:
View and Download Change of Major petition

! If you "do not" want to declare a double major, move on to step 3. Otherwise, move on to step 2, then step 3.

2. Download, print, complete and sign the document at the link below:
View and Download Memo of Understanding form

If both the majors you propose are offered by the College of Letters and Science, you must provide your identification, an estimate of the term in which you will graduate, and the number of units you will have earned at that time; page one of the memo provides a worksheet to assist you in making your estimate. Use the Progress Check on GOLD to assist you in completing the worksheet. Do not leave any fields blank on your form. If you propose to complete one major in the College of Letters and Science and another in a different college (Engineering or Creative Studies), you will need to provide a quarterly plan to fulfill all degree requirements.

3.Submit form(s) to the Department of Black Studies, as noted below.
(Incomplete forms will be returned to the student unprocessed.)

In most cases, the department’s approval is all you need. However, you will also need the approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies if

  • you are attempting to change your major after completion of 135 units.
  • you are changing to or from another college (Engineering or Creative Studies).
  • you are proposing a double major. In this case, your petition must be accompanied by a memo of understanding (see item # 2 above).

Declaring the Minor

To declare Black Studies as your minor:

1. To declare Black Studies as your minor:

Download, print, and complete the document below:
View and Download the Minor declaration petition

2. Submit to “Inbox” on the front counter in the Department of Black Studies main office (located at 3631 South Hall) or directly to the Undergraduate Advisor: Maria Galicia.

3. Solidify an introductory meeting with Maria Galicia (via the pink "Meeting Request" sheets in the front of the Department) to gain more information surrounding the program and to create a gameplan for your Black Studies pursuits. We want to know our students, so don't be scared to stop by and keep us updated!