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Student & Alumni Spotlight

"Where are they NOW?"

A look at some of the Graduating Seniors from this past class of 2013-14. Take a second to get to know: Yoel Haile, Lauren O'Brien and Jorge Ramirez.


Student Spotlight:

Info: Yoel Haile

Graduated: 2013-2014 with Double Major in Black Studies & Political Science

Currently: Master of Public Policy (MPP) program at UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy.

Quote:I believe the critical thinking skills and intellectual training I received from the Black Studies Department will prove invaluable as I continue my education.I urge you to take advantage of the most incredible department UCSB has to offer and learn from our amazing faculty and students.


Info: Lauren O’Brien

Graduated: 2013-2014 with Major in Black Studies

Currently: Masters in History at Loyola University Chicago Graduate School

Quote:As an aspiring historian in Black History and Museum Curator/Educator I am very excited to explore the continuous opportunities I am being granted in Chicago! However, regardless of where life takes me, I will be a carrier of the love and wisdom bestowed upon me by the UCSB Black Studies Department.


Info: Jorge Ramirez

Graduated: 2013-2014 with Double Major in Black Studies & Sociology

Currently: PhD student in History at University of California, San Diego

Quote:The Black Studies Department has been crucial in my academic pursuits while teaching me the importance of bridging university-community work through community-based projects, the critical mentorship from faculty, and the valuable lessons of history. Furthermore, the Black Studies Department pushes me to continue listening to the voices most marginalized in our society, and how their situated knowledge can teach us about the possibilities for a new future being crafted today.”                                                                 



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Following the highly anticipated arrival and introduction of the new Visiting Ella Baker...

Take a look at the UCSB Department of Black Studies "Welcome Back Event" highlights!

Faculty Spotlight

Recently Gaye Johnson, associate professor in the Department of Black Studies at UCSB, was featured on the renown: Tavis Smiley radio show, to discuss her most recent book entitled: "“Spaces of Conflict, Sounds of Solidarity: Music, Race, and Spatial Entitlement in Los Angeles”.

Click on the link below to listen to the full interview!





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