2014-15 Black Studies Undergraduate Colloquium

The Undergraduate Panel will be co-moderated by Black Studies Majors: Jamelia Harris & Mikayla Williams and will feature talks with Majors: Sabrina Guice, Jocelin Hernandez & Mohsin Mirza regarding their Black Studies research pursuits.

Here are the following research topics that will be presented on:



-Wrote the short book: "10 Ways To Be An A+ Student in Everything You Do", which contains the formula on how to excel as an intellectual while encouraging students across racial lines to have confidence in their academic pursuit. 

-It is also the framework for which she conducts research under the mentorship of Dr. Lipsitz, analyzing the long term psychological damages caused by discrimination.



- Developed the youth program: Flores de Muchos Colores (FloMC) which aims to direct academic and social services to high school Latinas from low-income households in the Santa Barbara area

- FloMC provides participants with an alternative and creative space to promote positive self-development through artistic expression



- Individually researching "Liberalism's Last Hope: The Racial Politics of Robert F.Kennedy"

- Research focus examined the limits of American Liberalism in tackling racial inequality; focusing on Robert F. Kennedy's career and how his capacity to affect change was severely limited by Capitalism, white resistance, and a lack of political will.



We hope to see you there! Contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns: 805-893-7624 & jtapiro@blackstudies.ucsb.edu