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On Reserve at the UCSB Library

Need to read a book for a Black Studies class you’re currently taking? We may own it!

The books listed on this page are owned by the Department of Black Studies. To benefit our students we have placed each copy we own on reserve at the UCSB library! To learn about the process for borrowing course reserve materials please go to In addition to the Department copies of texts being on reserve there may be additional materials available if your professor placed any personal or library copies on reserve.

Please treat our books gently and do not write in them.


The list of texts below is NOT an exhaustive list of required texts for any Black Studies class. Refer to the course syllabus and/or the professor for the complete list of required texts for the course(s) you are enrolled in.




UCSB Library

Info Surf: Resources in Black Studies

The Center for Black Studies Research


The Encyclopedia of African Music

The African American History Challenge

Education World(TM) - Lesson Planning: A Black History Treasure Hunt!

The African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Congress)

Education First: Black History Activities

Exploring Amistad: Race and the Boundaries of Freedom in Antebellum Maritime America

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad for Children